Experience The Crystal Clear Way...



Experience The Crystal Clear Way...



enjoy property management and go from available to leased the right way

We carefully match the best rental price, the right tenants, and handle rent collection and maintenance requests 24/7. Crystal Clear Property Management services will help you whether you are leasing or looking to lease.

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Property Management in beautiful Bozeman, Belgrade & Great Falls, Montana

Our focus and mission is to perfectly position and help everyday homeowners and investors lease their properties with total confidence.

See a Need... Fill A Need...

Just over two years ago, we became fascinated with how the need for property management was booming in Bozeman. After all, who doesn’t love coming to Montana? This experience showed the need and we decided to take action to provide the best property management in our native Montana.

The future of Rental Properties

The future of rental properties is strong, whether they don’t want the hassle of owning their own home or are not in a position to buy. Bozeman is primed for this very scenario!  

What it means to Be Crystal Clear

Transparency is everything. We want to make sure you know every detail of how your property is being taken care of.  We do things by the books, with integrity and honesty so you know you are in good hands.


We Believe In Investments

Investing in property enables you to build your portfolio within growing markets. Our extensive property management helps you make the right choices whether you’re a first-time investor or an experienced real estate investor!


Going Above and beyond

We set ourselves apart by giving back to our clients through paying attention to detail. Upon renting from us, renters receive baked goodies and can expect high level of care always.


Connecting With The Client is Our Starting Point

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and do business based upon the philosophy. When you take care of others, they take care of you, and in this line of business, the place they live.


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

With an extremely competitive residential rental market in Montana, the right property management realty company is perhaps the most important link to your successful investment vision. Obtaining a property management team who will protect your rental property investments is more important than ever.

you are in good hands

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Here's what People are Saying

Marcie Hamling is a phenomenal landlord! My roommates and I have been renting from Marcie for nearly two years and have had nothing but positive experiences. From large fixes and being flexible to little things such as sending us cookies on the first day of classes she has been a huge blessing!
Crystal Clear was recommended to me by my relator and has proven to be professional, thorough, and friendly. Marcie has overseen deliveries, arranged for installations, and texted me photos of completed work. She quickly found fantastic renters, and is a great communicator. I highly recommend Crystal Clear for ease of mind regarding the care tenants and your property will receive.
Marcie has been very understanding and easy to work with. Whenever there have been issues she has been quick to respond and get things fixed. Our sink, for example, was slipping slightly and we were worried it was going to fall out! Within only a few days she had a guy take care of the sink as well as a couple of cosmetic paint issues.

On top of this she is incredibly honest, almost every rental in Bozeman was increasing its price by over $500 in some cases and Marcie could have easily increased ours. Because of this, my roommates and I were nervous going into renewing our lease. However, Marcie told us plainly that, "as long as her costs of renting did not drastically increase, we didn't need to worry about an increase." And she has kept that promise. While a number of our friends were forced to move in the summer, we were able to stay right where we were.